Dom De Grassi

Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Photographer & Cinematographer

It is hard to pinpoint this wildcard. Every morning, Dom starts his day by listening to "Let Your Love Flow" by Petra Haden on repeat; on his way to work, he blasts and sings along to "Separate Ways" by Journey on repeat; on his way home, Dom will dance to something along the lines of "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers on repeat. You will see him some days walking around in a Cookie Monster jacket or in a monkey shirt that says "Kiss the Funky Monkey". He'll surprise you with a dark, ominous Batman voice when you aren't ready. Like we said, he is hard to pinpoint.

Dom is also the "I can do that too" guy, the jack-of-all-trades marketer and artist. When he is not working on a graphic design, cinematography, web design, or photography project, he is trying to find new ways to spread happiness and peace to those around him. Having his feet wet in multiple areas of design, he draws from each practice to develop unique experiences for his clients.